ASA Infomega since its established last few years has been carrying scientific and business information in form of seminar, training and consultation services. We focus on providing high quality advice in the following area of services:

A. Seminar

Organize seminars of important information related to management, current business issue, and scientific development.

B. Workshop

Organize a short time courses and workshops of management, specific scientific development, and current business issue for business executives.

C. Training

Arrange management training for company’s staffs or employees candidate for disciplines : business management, insurance and finance, international standard.

Training arranged based on requested schedule program or in-house training.

D. Consulting

Provide consulting and administration services to corporate management in developing their business and management:

  • Corporate business consultation
  • Corporate operating analysis
  • Project feasibility study
  • Acquisition and merger
  • Investment services
E. Cooperation

In carrying business, we can accept cooperation with other institution especially in conducting scientific researches and business development.